BWENZI is an initiative to take on the global issues of health and education. We are an alliance of students that care enough to look beyond borders and empower other students to do good.



In line with the United Nation's Global Goals, our focus is on the fundamental necessity of good health and quality education. We believe in the potential of student leaders to create social movements for positive change and to encourage more meaningful connections between different cultures. 

We are empowering and connecting student leaders to create a global impact on health and education.


We envision a world that believes in student leadership beyond the campus; where leaders of diverse backgrounds are working together to ensure better health and quality education for all. 



Because we're not here to help briefly and call it a day. We're dedicated to ensuring that our actions empower others and provide future opportunities for continued success.


Because as students, we're avid learners and know that every individual has something meaningful to teach us.  We're here to work together. 


Because while we may not be the biggest nonprofit out there, we strive to be one of the most honest. We use data to drive our decisions and hold us accountable. You won't find a black box here - only clear numbers and true stories. 


Because we're people serving other people. Our students and benefactors are not numbers, but rather humans with stories and rich emotions. We strive to maintain positive relationships and build lasting connections.